Software Packaging

A software package management allows a comfortable management of software on an operating system. This includes the installation, update and uninstallation of software in a packaged form. Therefor several tools can be used, i.e. InstallShield or Wise for Windows Installer.

Prerequisite of such a management is that the software to be installed has already been packed as an appropriate package. The changes needed, which the package management needs to perform on the system for installing the package, will be read out of the package and will be implemented. If the packet management detects that additional software is needed to assure the functionality of the silently installed software (so called dependencies), but it is not installed yet, it is giving out a warning or is trying to install the missing software with the resources given, i.e. to reload from an available repository and install it upfront. Our Experts do perform all the necessary steps that a silent software installation can be performed smoothly.

Junior Software Packager

The Junior Packager is familiar with all required steps in packaging, which are needed for a quality-orientated packaging. He has an in-depth training (specialization) in software packaging after his IT high school degree and knows all required tools and steps to create a software package. He has some practical experience in this area of up to two years. During his specialization he has been participating in different projects for packaging and testing of applications. Within this level a team of 15 members is at your disposal.

Intermediate Software Packager

The Intermediate Software Packager has a practical experience between three and four years. He is supportive within the team and takes over a consulting and leading role when working on difficult and complex packages. He is familiar with direct customer contact and QA tasks. Ten of our employees belong to this category and are awaiting additional tasks.

Senior Software Packager

The Senior Software Packager brings very much experience in this area with him. He has run through all steps of packaging, starting with Intake, Packaging, Testing and QA. He keeps close contact with our customer and discusses strategies and approaches together with the customer and the team. He has usually a minimum of five years experience in this area. We can support you with seven to ten resources here.

In addition, we are also available to our customer in the areas Application Compatibility Management and Security Management.