Microsoft Services

Within the wide definition of Microsoft services we have focused on some subitems of it in the course of time. Our goal is to advise, to support and, if requested, to supply resources to our customers when planning a simple IT network or a complex server landscape. „Everything from one source!“

Network Configuration and Support

Together with yourselves our employees will create a company network based on your specific needs. Whether it is „WiFi“ or „LAN“ orientated we are planning the network together and are happily doing the building and running for you. Our Cisco specialists are supporting you in data routing and in rights management in your network. We are designing and controlling the shared usage of servers, databases and printers as the need arises. On request we are arranging also support via telephone for you. Therefor we are providing a competence team of twelve employees.

Image Design and Creation

We do an individual creation of Client Images for your employee’s computers. After creation these images will be tested in a test environment with various test procedures against bugs and compatibility issues and will be adapted accordingly. Images will be setup differently for different employee teams following your specifications, i.e. image technique, image organization, image management, etc. Ten specialists are happy to inform you about this area.

Hardware and Software Rollout Projects

We already have supported our customer during larger projects at planning and implementing of hardware and software rollouts. Our team consisting of 60 employees plans, tests and installs images from your user’s old computers onto new computers and afterwards ships these to your employees. Different locations, different countries, various user profiles don’t cause us any issues. After agreement upon a rollout plan our coordinators take ownership for the rollout coordination, on location or in the back office. Our teams on location always have a technical team leader and depending on the location’s size and on the timelines a larger or smaller amount of additional rollout team members. We arrange timelines with your employees for the hardware exchange and the data transfer from old to new hardware, we take care of the documentation of the rollout and also of all related logistical tasks.

User Client Support and Administration

Our company offers a broad user client administration support to our customers. Depending on customer demand our team of 67 headcounts is available for our customers worldwide all day in a 24/7 working shift model. Using a service telephone number the customer and its users / employees can contact out technicians for technical support via telephone or remote activities. We are entering your network through a secure tunneled connection or are supporting your employees on phone.
If no immediate solution on the phone can be achieved, we are forwarding the issue to our back office. That team will find a remedy in a time frame agreed together with teh customer. Our support is divided up in First Level, Second Level and Third Level, following best practices. Willingly our employees are joining your support team members on location and supply hand in hand support to your end users. Our employees will integrate and arrange themselves very fast in your service environment.

Server Administration

Our customers have the possibility to have their servers being maintained, installed and brought into use by us. Initially the configuration parameters for the servers will be defined during a pilot phase within a testing environment. There will be corresponding tests before the servers will go live. For mail, web or application server we can act in a leading or a supporting role. In our company there are five colleagues forming a team of specialists in this area.