Managed Services

Managed services for servers, databases, middleware, network and OS (managed elements) include:

  • Monitoring: passive and pro-active monitoring regarding availability, performance, errors and failure; creation of incident tickets
  • Operation: standard operating activities for the managed elements, e.g. regular control and cleanup tasks and handling of incidents; “operating” informs the customer about grave dysfunctions and notifies system administration about room for improvement.
  • Administration: administrative activities for the operation of the managed elements; this includes standard configuration tasks, handling and solving of incidents, planning and implementation of change requests, identification and realization of improvements in system operation, tasks within the security environment and data base administration.
  • User Management: tasks related to the administration of user profiles; this includes adding, changing and deactivating users, assignment and maintenance of user groups, adding and resetting of passwords.

Yoursoft uses existing customer monitoring and ticketing tools or supports the implementation of tools.