Business Consulting

We define Business Consulting as the connection between technical IT possibilities and economical needs. Our technical knowledge in alliance with the economical thinking solves bottlenecks or optimizes your processes with the help of technical IT support. This can be realized in form of newly defined workflows, of a launch of new standard software or of software solutions created and adapted especially for your needs. Here we surely have an overlapping of the split up of our focal points.

Within the classical Business Consulting we are offering our services in the areas:

Quality Management

We happily help you how, when and – most of all – how effective you can use your IT for the supervision of your processes. We define new or analyze already existing workflows to optimize your IT.

Security Management

This is a broadly defined topic, which moved more and more in the foreground in the past few years because of the growing of the complexity of the IT programs. When, how and which updates should be performed? Which protection systems (firewalls, antivirus solutions, etc.) should be used? What are the newest threads for systems and data in my company? We develop answers to all these and even more questions together with you and design an action plan out of it. In doing so it is possible that we take over the subsequent management of these topics on location or we remotely and out of business hours perform the steps needed. Also in this area definitions and tests will be initially done in a test environment.

For Quality Management and Security Management we have a team of 12 members available.

Implementation under Unix and Windows

The implementation is the realization of predefined structures and workflows in a system under consideration of basic conditions, rules and objectives. Purely following this definition we are available to our customer in a consulting and as well in an implementing way. The operating system does not have a primary role here. Whether Unix/Linux or Windows is in use our employees advise in or perform for you the steps necessary.
If you own a database which should be aligned to new structures or new workflows (SQL, DB2, Oracle, Data Warehouse), our employees are at your service. Here as well you can choose between five Junior, four Intermediate and two Senior Consultants as necessary.